Pets To places!


Pennsylvania's Best Pet Transportation Service

       Now introducing the most helpful service on the market! Pets to Places! is a service that we offer here at HD Dog Services because we believe that this is our way of giving back to the community in the most affordable way possible. We have identified a market to where major cab services and other travel services will not allow you to travel with animals, that's where we  come in! Because we do offer animal friendly rides to CATS, DOGS, TURTLES, IGUANAS, BIRDS, Etc. We can take you to pickup your package from the post office as long as Fido the dog or Fifu the cat is coming along for the ride! We can also take you to the following places and more at your request (experienced working with disabled, elderly, and children):

  • To the Airport
  • To the Dog Park
  • To a Regular Park
  • To the Veterinarian
  • To the Groomers
  • To the Kennel
  • To the Beach
  • To a Restaurant
  • To a Doggie Cafe
  • To Local Pet Friendly Stores
  • To A Friend or Relatives Home
  • Ask about our Puppy Car Training to get your dog over those car fears! (Big dogs welcome!)
  • Ask about our shipping from state to state if you are moving to neighboring states!  
  • Ask about our Pre- Planned Trips!
  • Ask about our Pet Birthday Parties!

ALLOW YOUR PET TO EXPERIENCE MORE IN LIFE! We are all only here for so long, but our pets are here for a much shorter time than us, why not allow them to see the world? You will be surprised to see how it changes them.

Please note that the temperament of your animal (meaning it's behavior) will dictate where we will be able to take your animal if you choose to opt in for our Buddy Helper service which is where we will do all of the work for you and you can sit at home and wait for your pet to come back from wherever it is that you had sent them!