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About us

Rated Best of Philly for 2018, HD Dog Training Llc. is a  homegrown disabled veteran owned company that was launched on March 9, 2016. HDDT is also a family operated company owned by a husband and wife team. Robert McLaughlin (owner), graduated a Service Dog Training School which was an in depth one year program where he learned the anatomy and physiology of the dog as well as the psychology of "la bête" which from French to English translates to "the beast".

During this program sponsored by the Veterans Affairs and K9 Soldiers Inc, Robert learned from a retired New Jersey State Trooper who was assigned a Supervisor position over five states of K9 teams who responded to the 9/11 incident AND was also selected for a panel of trainers selected by the US Attorney General to create the K9 Handling Guidelines for the State of New Jersey. (Quite the mentor.)  Robert has also taken lecture and courses along with traveling through states to work with other professional trainers. 

HD Dog Training Llc does work with non-profits and rescues to help out where we can. It is of very high importance to us as our entire philosophy of training stands on the same principles of being a good human being. With that said we are currently teamed up with Mr. Rodney Wyatt, CEO and Founder of Salute 2 Service; a non-profit which is determined to help all homeless veterans as well as veterans who will be coming back to the civilian life. 

As a "homegrown" company we are proud to have military members as customers (and employees) and will always continue to honor military commitment with a discounted rate. 

Robert would also like to take this opportunity to have you know that Wounded Warrior Project has been an incredibly influential organization in his life and that if you know a Veteran in need, or that could use a quick pick me up,  PLEASE send them our way through Facebook so we can try to pull resources together with Salute 2 Service. (Or just send them to Youtube for a good laugh at Missy's Smiling Video.)



My pit bull puppy was already on her second round of puppy training classes at PetSmart, and we were seeing zero progress. He(Rob) came out and evaluated our dog. We needed to get control of her quick as we had an 18 month old in the house. Rob taught us so much. Our biggest obstacle was walking her. She was/is so incredibly strong that walking her along with a toddler was next to impossible. Rob was able to teach us how to control her on a leash and walk her comfortably with no fear of her pulling. Neighbors even complimented how well she was doing on walks- they were used to her dragging us down the road. We were able to have a birthday party for my son with 25 people, and the dog was out the entire time. Everyone remarked at how well behaved she was. I highly recommend Rob. He’s professional and knows his stuff. Today, Ruckus is a well behaved pittie (Pit Bull).
— Rachel Nessler
We had a wonderful experience working with Robert & Tineisha. Our dog Rue was showing signs of dog aggression and suffered from separation anxiety. HD Dog training helped us with both. We were apprehensive about leaving our dog overnight with someone for serious training, however Robert & Tineisha made us feel comfortable we could trust them to keep Rue safe and provide the help she needed. We’re glad we did it.
— Dee Lippincott
Rob is very passionate about the work he does with the dogs, you can tell he really LOVES it. Tineisha is the same way, and being the Child Specialty Trainer she was extremely helpful when it came to involving our three sons (13, 6 and 5) into the training. Overall, our experience with HD Dog Training was great, we are very happy with the results and would highly recommend them to anyone.
— Michael Parkhill

Our Services

Daily Check-in

We believe that dog training as a whole should be universal knowledge so our way of giving back is posting as often as we can to our many different social media outlets such as: Instagram, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn,  and Swarm. Check us out and grab some free dog training tips!


Daycare prices range between $25-$50 per day varying upon size and demeanor of dog. During your pups stay with us for the day between the "normal" hours of operation (10am- 5pm) they will be let out twice for bathroom breaks as well as go for a casual 15 minute walk. (We offer throughout-the-day updates sent to you personally by Staff). We also offer weekly packages, and monthly packages. Ask staff for more details. DOGS ARE NOT OUT AND RUNNING AROUND IN GROUPS. Every dog will have a specified amount of time out throughout the day on rotation.

              Levels of Training Offered:

                    Basic Obedience

              Intermediate Obedience

          Intermediate Group Classes 

Advanced Obedience (Off Leash and Heeling)

            Advanced Group Classes

                THerapy dog training

           hddt sCHOOL OF DOG TRAINING


  Ask us about our socialization classes that we hold at local Pet Valu stores for free!

  Ask us about our Pets to Places! program so you can get your dogs out into the world and active like they need to be!



in home training and Private lessons

In-Home Dog Training is our bread and butter here at HD Dog Training, the earlier you begin training and the longer you are able to stay with the company you will end up with an extremely well trained dog in your home and out. We start with Obedience, and then make our way to Advanced Obedience. Best of all, YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO LEAVE HOME!

Semi-Private Weekly Walks (clients only) 

If you are searching for a way to get your dog to stop pulling you on leash... your search ends here. We are owned and operated by a disabled military family and want to save your shoulders as much as our own! TRUST US!

Looking to set up neighborhood walks for yourself once, twice, or even twelve times a week/ month? Are you looking to setting up local informational sessions instead of taking your dog to the "doggie park" once you are a client you will have access to socialization for your dog in a safe environment WITH OTHER TRAINED DOGS. We believe dog parks are the number one cause in starting dog aggression throughout our culture. 

Puppy Training

Does your puppy run from you, instead of to you? Timid dogs including puppies happen to be one of our specialties at HD Dog Training Llc . Allow us to set you up with a perfectly behaved pup, before they get stronger! Training can start as early as 6 weeks. DO NOT WAIT and DO NOT DENY bad behaviors. Behavioral issues DO NOT resolve themselves. 

Grooming (Clients only)

The only grooming that is offered is for dogs that are already with us. These services include:

Detailed Brushing ($35)           
Dog Massages ($25 for 30 minutes)
General Bathing ($20)       




Service Type Price
In home dog training Varies
Boarding per night $20 - 45
Dog walking service $45 / walk
"Pooper Scooper" - pet cleanup service $100 / week
Child Training $65 / hour
Dog adoption assistance $100
House sitting $150 / night
Daycare sm $25 | med $30 | lrg $35
Pet photography $100
Dog nutritional class $30 / person
Service dog / therapy Varies

Previous Clients


         For Media, Military, and LE inquiries please email us at

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