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Rated "Best Dog Trainers of 2018" by Philadelphia Magazine. We are here to fix dog problems.. one human at a time.

About us

Rated Best of Philly for 2018, HD Dog Training Llc. is a  homegrown disabled veteran owned company that was launched on March 9, 2016. HDDT is also a family operated company owned by a husband and wife team. Robert McLaughlin (owner), graduated a Service Dog Training School which was an in depth one year program where he learned the anatomy and physiology of the dog as well as the psychology of "la bête" which from French to English translates to "the beast".

During this program sponsored by the Veterans Affairs and K9 Soldiers Inc, Robert learned from a retired New Jersey State Trooper who was assigned a Supervisor position over five states of K9 teams who responded to the 9/11 incident AND was also selected for a panel of trainers selected by the US Attorney General to create the K9 Handling Guidelines for the State of New Jersey. (Quite the mentor.)  Robert has also taken lecture and courses along with traveling through states to work with other professional trainers. Most recently Robert was one of three select few to graduate the Harcum College and UPenn Working Dog Center co-op program where he was able to sharpen his capabilities as a trainer in the realm of positive training techniques of working dogs. As always, we will continue to further our education to provide the most cutting edge dog training techniques that are out there.

HD Dog Training Llc does work with non-profits and rescues to help out where we can. It is of very high importance to us as our entire philosophy of training stands on the same principles of being a good human being. With that said we are currently teamed up with Mr. Rodney Wyatt, CEO and Founder of Salute 2 Service; a non-profit which is determined to help all homeless veterans as well as veterans who will be coming back to the civilian life.



HD Dog Training has been the best investment we could have made for our family. Our family suffered an incredible loss when we had to rehome our oldest dog after behavior issues led to an injury at home. We had been working with a trainer for six months when the accident took place. After putting our other two dogs through training with HD my husband and I agree that had our family found Rob and Tineisha sooner we most likely could have prevented and/or maintained the behavioral issues that had arose. Our previous trainer failed us and our family. Rob and Tineisha took the time to listen to us, our fears, our goals and every single question we had. Our dogs took quickly to Rob and Tineisha loving each training session, showing off their new skills and all the treats. Our dog that once took us for a walk is now walking in stride with us and sitting at every corner. Our wild and mouthy puppy is now well mannered and eager to listen. Our main objective was to have two well trained dogs that could coexist in our home and HD dog training exceeded our expectations.
— Brittany
HD Dog Training was rated Best of Philly 2018 and they certainly live up to the title. Before HD Dog Training, my pup would pull on her leash when going for a walk and I never thought she would ever listen to me when I wanted her to lay down. After the 8 week training course, I saw immense improvement in my pup’s behavior and she even looks forward to training and offers laying down and no longer pulls on her leash when we go for a walk. HD Dog Training is worth every penny!
— Sam E.
Rob is very passionate about the work he does with the dogs, you can tell he really LOVES it. Tineisha is the same way, and being the Child Specialty Trainer she was extremely helpful when it came to involving our three sons (13, 6 and 5) into the training. Overall, our experience with HD Dog Training was great, we are very happy with the results and would highly recommend them to anyone.
— Michael Parkhill

Our Services

Company Check-in

We believe that dog training as a whole should be universal knowledge so our way of giving back is posting as often as we can to our social media outlets such as Instagram and Twitter. Go follow us and grab some free dog training tips!

              Levels of Training Offered:

           Puppy Training and selection

Basic Obedience

              Intermediate Obedience

Advanced Obedience

Separation anxiety (Level 1,2,3)

Reactivity issues (level 1,2,3)

Aggression issues(Level 1,2,3)

                THerapy dog training


Aggression issues and reactivity issues

Aggression and Reactivity can come in many forms and cannot be diagnosed or solved by owners in most cases, do not panic, we can help! Dogs with aggression/ reactivity will be diagnosed at the consultation and we will give you realistic expectations of what to expect during and after training. Aggressive and reactive dogs are different rates than a traditional obedience package. Until the problem behaviors are under control we cannot train the dog into obedience

in home training and Private lessons

In-Home Dog Training is our best programming designed to be taught to you at home. Here at HD Dog Training, the earlier you begin training and the longer you are able to stay with the company you will end up with an extremely well trained dog in your home and out. We start with Obedience, and then make our way through intermediate and into Advanced Obedience. We will teach YOU how to control your dog, how to train behaviors, and how to correct behaviors if necessary.

Puppy Training

Cute new puppy in the near future? Is he/ she in your backseat? Are you prepared? Puppies happen to be one of our specialties at HD Dog Training. Allow us to set you up with the skills and confidence that you need as a successful dog owner. We are more than happy to walk you through each and every step of the way. We recommend training before they get bigger, stronger, and wild with hormones! Training can start as early as 6 weeks. You should not wait until bad behaviors begin. Behavioral issues DO NOT resolve themselves. 

Separation Anxiety

For these dogs we will let you know during our consultation what the best route of training is. Dogs with anxiety will be offered different rates than a traditional obedience package. Until the emotional issues are under control we cannot train the dog into obedience, we must first build a relationship with these animals.



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